Temporary Body Tattoos...What Do You Think?

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These have been the hot thing this summer and honestly I have been having a hard time getting into it. I love ALL accessories but this is an accessory that you put on your body and it stays on for a couple of days. It's like a bracelet that you keep on for a couple of days. 
I got a sheet of gold and silver temporary tattoos with 5 different designs on it. There are two different sized feathers, one bow, a bunches of roses and a butterfly. I have seen these in a variety of other designs in varying in sizes from leg bands to finger tattoos. 
 These applied really easily. Just cut out the design that you want to use. Remove the plastic film and place it face down on your skin. Dampen a cloth or paper towel. Make sure it's not too wet otherwise it will be a big mess! Leave it pressed on your skin for about 30 seconds and then move the paper.
Voila!! There you have it! Gorgeous! I used the rosebuds becuase I think they are small and dainty. I have gotten a couple compliments on how unique they look. I love these becuase they blend so well with jewlery. It's like an additioanl peice.
 Have you tried any of these metallic temporary tattoos? Which one is your favorite design?


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