SinfulColors Back to School Collection Part 3 and Wrap Up

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I am wrapping up the last of my Back to School installments for the SinfulColors Collection. I have loved all of the colors I got so hard! Like, I will be rocking all these far into the season because they are all so versatile.

Feel The Vibe

This is such a great color for back to school. This could be used as a transition color or a fall bright. This is a lovely bright orange creme that can be used by itself or with other colors as seen below.

I used three coats with mine just to cover everything up and for a nice bright look. I did a little angled tip with Daredevil to spice it up.

Truth or Lavendare

This is a true lavender in the demi-matte finish that is on that limited edition hot list right now. I love how smooth these apply and how nicely they dry. There is no clumping and these are as close to a one-coater as you can get.

I used Daredevil and Pink Break to add some flares. I actually did this design with some inspiration from my daughters My Little Pony Collection. She is currently obsessed with these characters so I told her I would do a little themed design.

Pink Break

This is a pinky pastel, a super girly pink that also is in that demi- matte. I love how these demi-mattes are a perfectly glossed. Not overly shiny and not too dull. JUST PERFECT!

I used an accent of Chalk it Up with these to do a contrasting blobicure design on the tips. I love the way this cute little pink looks against the pistachio green.

What do you think of these three colors? Do you love one more than the others? Have you seen the rest of the collection??  If not, you can check out my PART 1 and PART 2 HERE!


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