Red Coat Tuesday and WHO IS A?!? Round Up

This season has been soooo crazy for me! I can't even.LITERALLY.can't even.with those Pretty Little Liars. I am glad that we will finally be finding out who A is because I don't think my heart can handle it! 

We met a lot of interesting characters and followed the ladies through some truly terrifying moments. It will be so crazy for them to finally get some answers. If you are a true follower like I am, you will know that we will not actually get any answers tonight but instead, we will wind up with more questions! True PLL fashion. 

This week, for the finale, I decided to do a design that was twisted and dark. I didn't want to do any clean lines so I went for straight crazy in my design because everything is crazy with these ladies!!

Do you have any guesses who A is? I think it's still Mona. I mean I think there is a little clan of A's, but the master A is Mona. It has to be. She wasn't at prom so I'm betting it's her and she faked her death and kidnapping to mess with the girls the entire time they were in the doll house. 

I guess we will see tonight... Squeeeee I am so excited!

Colors Used:
Rica- Squishy Strawberry
Dollish Polish- The Man in Black
Dance Legend- Rubin
Daphine Polish- Frosty
Hit- Gold Striper
Esmaltes da Kelly- Slice of Life


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