Close Up from Christie Brinkley

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Today, I am showing off a new product from the Christie Brinkley Skin Care line. It is called Close Up and it is supposed to immediately smooth out all those fine lines and wrinkles before you apply your makeup to make you look like you had an instant facelift.

What Close Up says:
  • Be camera ready in a flash! This instant treatment tightens the look of skin while firming and smoothing the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines
  • Immediate sensation of tighter and smoother- looking skin
  • smoother under-eye bags and puffiness
  • Tightens skin on contact and takes years off appearance
  • Combines 4 bioactive ingredients into one unique systems fighting the signs on aging skins at all levels, while providing Full Spectrum UVA/UVB and Infra-Red protection.
How I used this product...So, this is something different than what I normally used. It is my very last step after my moisturizer.  I patted it on and then rubbed it in with circular motions into the deep wrinkle in my forehead, under my eyes, in the outer corners of my eyes and the nasal labial folds. Those are my areas of concern and are probably different for everyone. The instructions say to press it in but I didn't really have to do that. It kind of self set for me. I let it dry for about 2-5 minutes depending if I was applying full makeup or not. If I was putting on my full face, I would wait a little longer and then apply my usual primer, foundation and concealer. The areas that I applied the Close Up, I would dab the make up so I didn't remove it. I usually use a brush to apply my foundation productions so I use a sweeping kind of motion, anyway. I could have probably skipped my primer in the areas that I applied the Close Up because it was like doing double duty but I will talk about that below.

What I say about Close Up:
I actually really liked this product. So much that I have added it to my makeup station. It reminds me of my Benefit POREfessional primer. The formula and the way it applied was almost exactly the same. I actually tried this on my areas that I have extra big pores and it filled them so nicely. So, yes this is like a very awesome primer! I love the way it applied, stayed, felt, smelled and just about everything. This product is just awesome...but I'm not sure if it's awesome enough for the price. You be the judge!

Key Ingredients:
Neodermyl™-A new source of energy to recharge the skin, Copper which plays a significant role in collagen production & maturation Up-Regulates Collagen I + III & Elastin, Re-energizes senescent fibroblasts.
LIFTONIN®-XPRESS- Is an instant tightening ingredient.

Price: $79.95
I used this only on the outer part of my arm and fist. I used the inner left side untouched so you could see a difference. It really does smooth out wrinkles!


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