Avoiding Life's Uncomfortable Moments: See How I Do It!!

You all know how much I love all of my beauty products. So much that I even have a mini beauty box in my car! I love being comfortable in all I do, in my little own way, at ALL times! This spreads into my entire life1 I work downtown and I often venture to eat in our many wonderful restaurants. I have extra pairs of flats in my office in case the yummy is a little bit of a hike. I love to be prepared so I always have a back up plan for just about everything. I mean, that just comes with being a crazy-busy, working mom of 2 young kids. We are always busy so I just don't have so much time for mistakes that lead to uncomfortable moments. I call this my "Beauty Preparedness Plan". I have extra, back ups of all my essentials- just in case
This also comes to me talking about those uncomfortable times of the month. Yes... I go through those, too. I don't have time for mistakes so I have a back up plan for those times, too! In order to stay free and on point, I can use U by Kotex Curves liners to make sure I stay clean and surprise free! These are small and non- panty liner looking enough to throw in my beauty bag, purse and even the palm of my hand.
Why I Like These:
The packaging is super cute, fun and colorful so they are easy to hide!
They fit mostly all types of underwear
They are super comfortable feeling
They are easy to find in stores
How Do You Get In On MY Comfy?
Easy.... I happen to have a link for FREE samples, just for you! Actually, all you have to do is click on any link in this post to get your own sample pack. You get 2 U by Kotex Curves Liners and 2 U by Kotex Lightdays Liners. That's a pretty great deal!!

The #BringComfyBack Contest
The great thing about this little informative post is U by Kotex is having a HUGE contest!! They are having a #BringComfyBack contest which features monthly prizes that will blow your mind! There is a Go-Pro 3, a $200 Urban Outfitters Gift Card, $100 Sephora Gift Card and U by Kotex products! All you have to do is take a creative picture or gif showing your best "uncomfy face" and upload it at bringcomfyback.com. At the end of the contest, U by Kotex will pick the best and send them and a friend to LA to showcase your pic and let you spend $2,000! Don't forget to get creative and share your pics with me, too!!

Did you pick up your free sample?? What is your "Beauty Preparedness Plan"? Have you ever used either of these products by U by Kotex?


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