A NEW Challenge!! EPaWC: Picture of the Week

*May Contain Press Samples*

I am starting a new challenge and it is suuuuuuper fun! We are given a photo of another members choosing and we have to do a nail design based on that photo. We each get a chance to pick a photo, too. It is called the ECOPOLO Picture a Week Challenge. ECOPOLO is the group we are in and it's for East Coast Nail Polish girls. We are a super tight knit group of girls that have been together for about 5ish years. 

This is the picture we got for this week. Yes, it is not East Coast related... it is a beauuutiful picture of Portland. Portland happens to be one of my favorites places to visit and I missed it this year. I am so glad she posted this because it gave me a little reminder of how great that city is.
 I did my best to recreate it but whatever crazy thing I do on my nails will never come close to this beauty. I used a whole ton of colors and I went waaaaay abstract on this one! I'm pretty happy with it. I can't wait to see next weeks picture!
Colors Used:
Candy Lacquer- Rock Candy
Rica- Whiteout
Color Club- Cosmic Fate
Color Club- Kismet
KB Shimmer- Sun & Games
Hits- Gold Striper
Zoya- Rayne
Zoya- Carmen
Zoya- Daisy
Zoya- Ling
Zoya- Veruschka
Zoya- Yuna


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