Butter London Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection

**Press Samples**

Today, I get to show you 7 super fun lippy crayons from Butter London.  Each of these are designed for us girls that are constantly on the go. They have a built-in pencil sharpener which is super awesome! They each are amped up with Marula oil and Mango Seed oil to help moisturize your lips and each have an added gloss to shine throughout the day!

Tea with the Queen
This is the nudie out of the collection.  This nude creme applies very smoothly- although I did not see that much shine or gloss on this swatch. I always love a good neutral color in my collection and this is the perfect one.

 Trout Pout
This is is the coral out of the collection. For me, it was a lighter coral and one of my favorites. This one did have a slight shine to and it was just oh so creamy! 

Primrose Hill Picnic
 This is the bright, oh so HOT, pink! This was also super glossy. I was surprised when I applied it that it had such a shiny look to it. I kept thinking that I had put some kind of gloss on top of it but NOPE...it glosses all by itself like that.

Disco Biscuit
This was my favorite color out of the bunch. It also happens to be the color the the broke off of as soon as I pressed it up against my lips. Good thing that I have that handy dandy sharpener to fix it up. It was the juiciest, creamiest, shiniest lip crayon I have ever used. It literally just slide right on. I am so in love with this color and I feel that since it broke it showed me the true formula of the crayon. True love!

Ruby Murray
This color was a like a darker raspberry color.  The color is so much darker on the pencil then it was on my lips. I have super pink lips to begin with so I think it really shows up under this color and pulls through. This pencil was also super glossy which still blows my mind!

Teddy Boy
This is was my everyday go to color. It is a dusty rose leaning pink color and again is super glossy. This came out a little more pinky on me but on the pencil it is much more muted. I really like this color to wear to work on just on a daily professional basis. I like to have fun with my makeup but every once in a while I have to bring it down a notch and this is the color to do it.

Last but not least is my purple leaning color. This and Ruby Murray are the darkest colors in the collection. I am so glad that they put a purply color in this collection, but I kind of wish they went real purple. Hopefully when they come out with some more colors it will include a *BAM* bright purple!

Overall, I am in love with these crayons. They are super easy to use and the formula is amazing!! I am in love with so many colors here and I can't get over that I can literally just throw them in my purse and reapply whenever I want throughout the day.How easy is that?


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