What Smells Like Cucumbers and Makes Your Eyes Feel Like Heaven?

**Product Review**

I love all of my eye products. Prevention is key for me so anything that I can use to prevent aging signs, I will use it.  I think I say this same line in all of my posts, but if you can do it now; you should! When I was given the opportunity to use this product, I was super excited because A) it's an eye treatment and B) it has cucumber smells in it!
This is a peptide treatment so that means there is a formula that was created just for a certain reason- to target a certain problem. This was created just to target the problem areas in your eyes such as dark circles from tired eyes, wrinkles, puffiness, loss of elasticity and loss of color.
 You can use this twice a day. For me, I use this in the morning and night. I wash my face, use my toner, use my moisturizer and then apply all my serums including my eye cream. I dab it on with my finger on my lower lid and my upper lid. Tip: don't pull or swipe because this is a gentle area. Just dab. I regularly use an eye treatment so while I switched to this one, I have noticed that my under eye area has actually appeared to tighten slightly. I noticed that I have not had any new fine lines or dark circles. I really like this product especially for the summer since it is cooling. I have actually switched to this one for the summer months because of that.
This does not contain alcohol, parabens, GMO's. It is cruelty free and never tested on animals!! The smell is amazing! I mean it IS infused with cucumbers. It is cooling when it is applied and it not sticky afterwards. They other cool thing about this product is they offer a money back guarantee if you don't love their product after a FULL YEAR! Yes, if you use the entire product and hate it or don't see a different, you get your money back. That's confidence.
If you are looking for a new eye product, look no further. You can buy it here for  $19.95 for 1oz.


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