Summer Look by Pacifica and Review

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I have been getting a lot of goodies from Pacifica lately and I have been loving them all. I have showed you some simple swatches, so it's time to show you a fun and easy summer look.
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For this look, I used my Power of Love palette. I wanted a simple look that was super fun for the summer.I like doing a little strip of colored shadow under my lower lid for a fun pop. It's easy to reapply and a super easy way to fun!!
These colors all come in different finishes so it was fun to play with them. I ended up using a turquoise blue witch BECCA eye primer underneath to make sure it stays in place. I blended the copper and both creams on the lid to the inner corners and brow bone. I went very light with the copper and really blended it because I wanted to highlight the turquoise.
Next up the liner! I got 2 liners to try out from Pacifica. I used Fringe on my look but I did swatch both of these above.
Jet is a midnight black liner and Fringe is a dark chocolatey brown liner. I really liked both of these. The formula was amazing for both of these. They applied very smoothly and the color is rich. Neither of them were flaky or crusty either.
 Next is the Pacifica Stellar Gaze mascara.This mascara comes with a regular cone shaped brush and I got it in the color Supernova which is a midnight black, as well. This mascara is enriched with coconut oil and vitamin b to help keep those lashes healthy!
This mascara felt really nice when applying. I do wish the brush was a little better, though. I feel like a better brush would really make those lashes pop and lengthen.
Overall, I really liked both of these eye products. The liners, I really like and I would purchase again. The mascara I like because of the ingredients. All Pacifica products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, made without peanut oil and are gluten-free! You can buy these buy clicking on any of the links  or at your local Target!

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