Hot Summer Tip: Vita Liberata Luxury Tanning Face Mask

**Product Review**
Today, I have a great product just in time for summer and it's BRAND NEW!! Vita Liberata is a line of  luxury self- tanning product. This brand is Irish based and was the first non-toxic tanning brand on the market. Vita Liverata also coined the pHenominal tan which lasts 2-3 weeks! That's 4 times longer than usual! This is fun because it is a mask that you wear while you sleep and then wash off with your morning cleansing routine. It tans and moisturizes for you, too! ALSO... I was poking around Sephora yesterday and I happened to stumble across their *What's HOT* Section Guess what is all over it? Self-tanning masks! So.... hop on it!
HyH2O™ technology delivers a stunning natural glow by morning, along with intense hydration, overnight rejuvenation and anti age benefits, all in a rich and silky formulation that will leave skin feeling plump, soft and supple with a youthful, balanced radiance everyday. Organic Sunflower Seed delivers Vitamin A, C and D for calming and protection, while Tocopherol protects against free radical damage and Apple softens fine lines and wrinkles.
I really loved this product. I have been using it for about 20 days now and I have definitely noticed a difference. I am in love with preventative, anti-aging anything and you all know that. Slather it all on there! I didn't find it difficult to use like most self-tanners. I usually get nervous using them because you have to be careful with staining and where you put your face and all that stuff. I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin color but I did notice a slight glow. I don't use this every day as I feel it may be too much. Now, that I have a little color on my skin from sitting at my son's baseball games I may step it up to every day. I like this because a lot of self- tanners go from pale skin to Kim K. over night. I rather a gradual look and this product gives you that. I also like that it's tailored to your face and doesn't get stuck in your pores, cause breakouts and can be used in your neck area, too. It's like a built in every day bronzer and I a loving it.
You can find this product for $45 on their website here or at Sephora! The formula was perfect. The application was very simple and the overall effect was what I expected. I really liked this product and will continue to use this through out the summer to get that glow that I want!


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