Alpha Mani Scrounging for the Letter U

**Bought It**

This weeks marks the tail end of this little alpha adventure. You see what I did there?? Anyway, I had one heck of a time trying to scour through my stash for a U polish. I did manage to find one lonely Ulta polish, so thank god for that!!
I am already stressing about next week which is V. These are the times when I wish I would have cataloged my stash like a good little nail blogger! I am just going to have to start digging through the masses now, I guess. 
Again, if you have any brand suggestions or polish name suggestions that start with V, you let me know in the comments below!! Anyway, I love this color. It's a super cool, sherbert looking peach color. I matted it and added some cute bow decals from YouPolish. I actually just picked up a variety pack plus a Mommy and Me pack from YouPolish so I will be using them a lot in my upcoming looks.
Colors Used:
Ulta- Peach Parfait


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