Alpha Mani is back with QRS

**May Contain Press Samples**

So we smushed QRS into one week because well, try to start naming all the brands that start with those letters... yeah. That's why. Well, I guess if you really started you can get a lot of "S" polishes but I guess we are in the homestretch here!
I went with Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer because I haven't used her polishes in a while and I was thinking about how she was doing. I used to swatch from her and I was a huge fan of the collections she started to put out. The last couple were a Frozen collection, Ninja Turtles, Villians just to name a couple. I was so excited in the direction she was going.
 I know the maker got married and then decided to start a family. I soooo hope she comes back soon because I loved what she was doing! Her glitters were so fun and colorful and her cremes and shimmers were always spot on! She was new, but she had a ton of potential! Her Shirley Ann Nails... get the hint!!
I am also doing a sneak peek into my first installment of The Nail Challenge Collaborative's monthly theme of Superheroes and Villains because my first post will be using one of her collections!! I am super excited about it and I was just saying to a fellow blogger that I really hope I can get through all 4 posts this month because it's a super cool theme. SO... if you have any suggestions, please let me know!
Colors Used:
Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer- April O'Neil
Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer- Elsa
Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer-  Tattle Teal


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