Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask - Get that Skin Clear for the Summer

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Mud Masks!! I love my masks especially during these summer months when my face gets so gunked up with whatever is outside. Pollutants, pollen, makeup, sweat and whatever else gets on my face. Mud masks help me get that deep cleanse that I don't get while regularly cleansing my face. 
 The Adovia Purifying Mud Mask was made to rebuild your skin by pulling out the toxins in your skin, unclogging your pores, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, blackheads, acne and blemishes. Just like a regular mud mask, you can use this once a day. If you have super sensitive skin, test it out at once a day to make sure it doesn't dry you out too much and then go from there. It's only $19.99 a tube so that's a super exciting price because it is a pretty big tube at 5.1oz.
As you can see, there are all kinds of goodies in this tube of greatness! Wait.. before I forget. I love that this comes in a tube and not a jar. I don't have to dip my hands in the jar and it keeps the product nice and clean. I only touch what I am going to use and it keeps the cleanliness to a max. Anyway, there are 26 minerals in here including with Aloe Vera, Vitamin C,  Jojoba Oil, and Ginseng. This is is paraben free, 100% natural, and cruelty free.  
They are so confident in their product that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied or don't see a change after 1 month of use. Actually they say, "If You Don't Feel Your face Looks Younger, Smoother and More Attractive after 1 Month of Use we will Give you 100% of Your Money Back". That's pretty confident.  I also see that they have Exfoliating Facial Sea Salt that I want to try. I have been on this exfoliating kick lately for my pores and I think that these two products together would work wonders for my pores.
 As you can see, I am loving all over this stuff! It went on super smooth, like butter. I didn't even have to warm it up. It was cooling, dried just like a regular mud mask, and washed off just as nicely. My face felt so smooth afterwards. I have used this three times and while I haven't noticed a significant change in my pores or fine lines, I have noticed that my skin is softer after each use. If you think you want to buy one, you can pick it up here.

Anyway,  do you use any masks? How about mud masks? Would you try this? What do you think about that money back guarantee?


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