KB Shimmer Summer 2015 Collection Tasting


Ohhhh look what I have for you guys today!!! No... It's not the entire 28 polish collection, it's just 4 of them but it's a good pretty 4 of them. Lol! I'm pretty sure my hand would fall off if I did all of them but props to my lady friends that did all of them, you know who you are and I love you more for that- Swatch Master!!

Anyway, I have 3 colors from Summer Collection: Part 1 and one color from The Summer Collection: Part 2. Each of these retail for $7.50 for the creams and $8.75 for the glitter topcoats.  The entire Summer Collection in all three on it's parts launches on May 15th. Get on at least some of these!!

Bahama Drama
So, the first collection in the Summer Collection is made up of these out of the world neons. I looove neons and these just do it for me. Bahama Drama is described as "near neon deep peach cream". I used two coats just to cover any bald patches up I may have had.
For me, this is a hot, neon coral. My favorite summer color. This one is going on my toes and staying there ALL SUMMER LONG!! 
Corals make me look tan and I love them for that. So, of course I had to get that picutre to show you how neon this baby really is. This is a picture of what this pretty looks like in the real light. Ohhh yeah... say it with me, "oh yeah".

Sarong Place, Sarong Time
A purple!! This is almost like a neon lilac and I am loving all over this one. It is a described as a "vibrant purple cream". I used two coats with this color to cover any bald spots. Some nails, I think could have used a third coat. 
It is so hard to do a nice neon purple without it being a stainer or it looking too blue. I really love these these colors are almost all pastel, or bleached, so that they have that really rich pigment but look super bright in the sunlight. 

In Yacht Water
This is the last neon cream that I have to show you. I am sooo not a blue person, but this is such a pretty bleached sky blue color. It is described as a "Caribbean blue cream with aqua blue leanings".
I can't wait to use this in some nail art. It is going to be the perfect color for sky landscapes for any summer manis. I can't wait! 
I used 2 coats with this and I should have slapped a third coat on some nails where it was a little patchy.  Like most neons, they are very pigmented so they get bald easily. Share the love and try to apply nicely.

Sun & Games
This is describes as a "gold holographic polish packed with micro fine glitters for a sunny full coerage look". This is a super fun super classy gold polish. It just shines a million different ways.
In the picture below, I tried to show the true glitz of it by blurring it out but truly, you need to see this baby in person to see the true holo in this glitter baby! I didn't use any unders with this and I used three coats. I mean, three smooth coats and this is what I got. Yes, go for it ladies!!

Overall, I loved these colors. The neons were perfectly formulated and I did not experience and staining. This is important with neons since they are so pigmented. I always suggest wearing a nice thick base coat or some white undies just in case though. Some of use have nails that like to suck up that color anyways. These colors are just so bright and juicy and YES you need that glitter holo in your life. I think I own about 6 different gold holo glitter toppers from KB and I will still continue to collect them. KB Shimmer just knows how to make a gorgeous gold glitter.


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