Influenster Bella Vox Box Review- What I Love and What Was Strange?

**Products Provided by Influenster for Testing Purposes**

I am super excited about this brush. I am such a brush hoarder and EcoTools is one of my favorite brands. You can get this brush for $8.99 and it is a great price for what this baby does. I use this with loose or pressed powders to seal everything up when I am finishing up my look.

This and the wine subscription were like the odd balls out in this box but I guess I do NEED chocolate to make me happy, right?? This is absolutely delish and a great snack for just about any occasion. You can get there for about $7 and they are worth every penny. It is like a dessert that makes me not feel that bad for eating. There's fruit in there after-all, ladies!!

Next up, another beauty product. We are back on track now. This one is actually fun, with a fun brush. I am all about different mascaras especially ones with fun brushes. Rimmel teamed up with Kate Moss to bring you an entire line hand picked by her. I don't know if you have ever used the regular Scandaleyes, but it is awesome. This is like that but amped up by 100. I actually like the broken hearted shape of the wand. It hugs the lash and pulls it up nice and tight. I must say that you need to let this dry a little as it applies a little wet. Also, I have very thick lashes so this is just a general disclaimer if you have thinner lashes. It may react differently for you. For me, I loved it! It plumped, curled and thickened.

Ok, so I love this. It is super pigmented, super easy to apply and just a super fun color. I don't have many Rimmel lippys but this one is a keeper. It did wear for a good 5 hours and that is with drinking my usual cup of tea. I got the color Berry Red and I cannot wait to try the others. This retails for about $6.
Ok so, this is super fun and I actually got a chance to try this out. The smell is amazing- like almost all of the Not Your Mothers products. I usually only wash my hair every 4 days because it's color treated with bleach and I heat treat it. So it's double hated. I try to love it as much as possible to counteract how cruel I am to it. I love how easily this applied and how nice my hair felt after I styled it in the morning. I can definitely push those 4 days and hold off on the dry shampoo an extra day because of this. It also makes my hair feel amazing. I think I may need a full size of this baby!!

So, this is a club where you pick your tastes, they give you suggestions and then you pick your selections. Yeah, this is the other one that is out of sorts. I mean sometimes I would like to drink wine all of the time but I'm confused how wine makes me Bella?? I'm note sure... I guess I feel like I sound like a popstar when I sing when I am drunk?? lol.
So, you get 3 bottles a month for $39 plus $6 shipping. If you order more than 6 bottles, you get free shipping!! Just like our usual beauty sub boxes, you can skip months and cancel at any time. I'm probably not going to sign up for this because I would rather go to the Liquor Store and pick out my own bottle. I'm just not that into wine. If  you are, this might be worth looking into.

I actually did not get this in my box and Influenster said they couldn't replace it so you may have to check it out on someone else's page... sorry!! I was super excited about this one too. I am going to have to have pasty legs for a little while longer :(


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