Born Pretty Shell Nail Stud Review

**Provided for Review**

I got these fun shell shaped nail studs from Born Pretty to play with and I figured since we are having summer like weather here, I am going to show these off. I just wish I had some sand and waves in front of me.
 These studs come in a pack of 10 pieces for $2.22. They come in both silver and gold. Don't forget you can use my little discount code for 10% off. BSZK31.
 So, the first thing I noticed and I was SUPER impressed about was the shape. I got a similar item a couple years ago from Born Pretty and they were flat. I had to shape them myself around my nail before I put them on and it took a long time. I never wore the again and basically swore off buying any metal charms form Born Pretty again. Well, this time they were perfectly shaped to fit my nail. If you have more of a curved nail, you may have to play with them, but they were perfect for me!
 I also really liked the size. Again, I have suuuupppper TINY nail beds to if you have longer nails or bigger beds, you can probably fit several of these on your nails. I'm a once and done girl for these. They are quite small, but again, I have super small nails.
 I applied these on semi- wet nails with tweezers and pushed them down with a dotting tool just enough so they were set in the wet polish. You have to be careful you don't push to hard that the polishes pushes through the charm. Perfect pressure. lol!
 If you are a nail art lover, I do recommend these charms. There are inexpensive, easy to use and very festive. Be forewarned to order now because they are coming from China so shipping takes a while. 

**Base Colors are Press Samples from Barielle- Mermaid's Fin, Under the Sea, First Class Ticket.


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