Alpha Mani Presents the Letter N

**Bought It**

This week I am bringing you a indie brand that used to be one of my faves until she burned me in the worst way. Well it made me super duper sad and I am still not exactly clear about what really happened. I am pretty sure that 98% of the nail community is still  not sure about what happened with her brand but I managed to keep a couple. 
Can you guess which brand I am talking about?? If not, it's Nerd Lacquer. She disappeared a couple years ago. Like literally up and disappeared with open orders and everything. There has been a couple makers in the past that have done this but for you newbies that have never ordered from Nerd, this would be like Enchanted or Lynn up and just disappearing.
Then out of no where like a year ago, she came back. She reopened her shop, had some crazy sad story, sold some polish, disappeared for a couple months then came back again. She disappeared again shortly after and has yet to return.
I tried to order the first time she disappeared but no luck. I will not order again, but how can you trust that you will ever get your polish. I don't want to be out money... you know?? It's kind of sad, because I am in love with her polishes, too!
Anyway, the color I am using is called Shiny AND it is! It's a baby blue base with silver, white and opal colored glitter throughout. I love this color to wrap up the end of spring. It's so light and the way it shines in the sun is amazing. Yeah, I know.. I should have got a sun pic. If it wasn't so gloomy here lately, I would have.
Have you ever heard of Nerd Lacquer?  Do you own any of her polishes? What do you think of this color?


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