Alpha Mani Does the Letter M

**Nothing to Disclose**

This week, well last week was the letter M for Alpha Mani. I missed it because it was sooo crazy. My husband graduated with his Masters degree and it was Mothers Day so I had family in from out of town. Not to mention I was sick all last week. I am just playing catch up and this one was just too fun to pass up. So you get 2 Alphas this week!!
I only have a couple Milani polishes because for me, they have been hit or miss. I actually prefer their makeup over their nail polish. I know... maybe I am still sick. lol!

I got both of these in a giant mystery box a couple of years ago and I love them both. The holo is a little sheer, but it's a builder so I love it. The glitter has bars in it and either you are a bar lover or not. I happen to love them. If you can get them all to behave, to look awesome! 
For my Maybelline, I just love all of the polishes I own. They always have such great formula and such awesome colors. For being a drug store brand, I give them an A+.
Colors used:
Maybelline- Shocking Seas
Milani- 3D
Milani- Carnival


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