The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents 3rd Anniversary Surprise

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For this months Nail Challenge Collaborative theme we are doing something super special. We get to pick 4 designs from the past three years to recreate. We are doing this because it is our 3 Year Anniversary this month. 
This weeks recreation is from Beauty Lit from Within. She did this design for the Music/Movies/TV challenge and you can check out her full post here. I also her her original picture above. I love when she writes her posts. They crack me up so bad sometimes!! You should totally check out Nidia's work because she never disappoints. 
For my redesign, I used different polishes, but I kept with the same design. I was going to change it up a little bit but I decided to keep it the same since it was so cool.
I love doing this mixed finish look. I have done a design with  ManGlaze matte polish and then drizzled a regular gloss polish on top of it and it looked awesome. I just think the contrasts between the finishes looks great.
 What do you think of using two different finishes? Are you a matte lover like myself?

Colors Used:
Maybelline- Black Onyx
Sally Hansen- Scaredy Matte


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