The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents 3rd Anniversary Surprise

As a little reminder about the theme for this month, we get to pick any 4 designs from the past 3 years to recreate from our fellow members. The second one I am doing, I am going to pick one from our Admin Katee from A Girl and Her Polish.
I am excited about this one because not only is Katee just an AWESOME admin and a fantastic nail artist, she also happens to be a fellow Pittsburgher. You all know how much I love to support my fellow Pittsburgh people, especially my fellow Pittsburgh bloggers!
So, this didn't turn out exactly like Katee's original design, but I tried! I used a black base and then did a grey saran design on top of it. I probably could have used a lighter gray or even maybe a white to do the top of the saran to make a little bit more like Katee's, but I'm digging it!
Also, I did a little blobicure on top. I've been doing a lot of blobicures lately. Maybe it's time to go back to the nice and neat dots? I guess I had to do it, right? I think Katee's were a little bit more sporadic.
Overall, I like it. What do you think? Do you think I got the recreation going on? What color would you have used instead of the L'Oreal?
Colors Used:
Rica- Whiteout
Maybelline- Black Onyx
L'Oreal- Greycian Goddess


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