Leesha's Lacquer Bubblegum Cake

**Bought It**

Today I have a super fun springy pinky crelly with loads of glitter from Leesha's Lacquer. As you can see in all of the pictures, this is a bright pastel pink with a lot of large and small rainbow hex glitters scattered throughout.
 I actually bought this from her last year and never got around to wearing it. This is pretty funny because I was begging my Indies to find me something that was a pink crelly with loads of rainbow glitters and when I finally found the one I had to have, I just let it sit.
 The glitters spread really easily and I didn't have to fish to find them. This is pretty good for a bottle that literally sat in my poor untrieds basket for an entire year. I was so happy once we hit spring because I have been eying this up all winter waiting to put it on.
 I think it's the perfect Easter polish. It's fun and colorful just like Easter candy and eggs. I think I may have to break it back out of Easter week because the wear was really great, too.
What are you planning on wearing for Easter on your nails? Are you going with a single polish or are you going with a fancy design or art of some kind?


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