Happy Easter Round Up

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This is going to be short and sweet because today, I am with my family and we are doing all sorts of family things... You do know the Easter Bunny came to visit today... We traveled so we will be doing a quick brunch and then traveling back to the west side of PA. It missed us!!

Today, I am just going to share some of my favorite pastels and some past Easter Collections in honor of Easter. 
 I loved this collection. It is so springy and fresh. This was released last February as part of a bridal collection. I think this can double as a great Spring collection so it goes on the list. 

Sugar Coated Lacquer by Lissa Bunny Love Lacquer by Lissa
 Ok... How can I not put this collection on here? I mean there is a polish named Bunny Love and Bunny decals... Hello!! Lacquer by Lissa still has decals and there are sooo many cute ones! She is also a a local Pittsburgh girl and you know how I love to support my local business. Check all her goodness out here.
Dancing in the Daisies Lacquer by Lissa
Dancing in the Daisies Lacquer by Lissa 

This is probably the newest Eastery Collection I have for you. This is from KB Shimmer and there are a total of 12 polishes in this collection. I was given 3 polishes and I think they are all gorgeous! They also came with awesome decals which happen to have a little Easter theme to it. Love is all I have to say to Cool Hand Cuke.

Hop Movie Nails 
I did this for an NCC monthly challenge and of course this is THE Easter movie. This has to be on the round up. If you have not seen this move, you have to! That is all I will say about it. It's excellent.


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