Barielle 2015 Glitter Mania Collection

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I am sooo excited to show you this collection of glitters from Barielle. Yes!!! GLITTERS from BARIELLE. Hop on that train.... They are super pretty and I hope you like them. Take a peek and check out what  I have to say about them all at the end.
Also, I have to add this before you ask about it. I got a gorgeous henna design on my hands at a International Night event at work. It featured food, dancing, art and different traditional stations from areas around the world. The young lady that did it was from Saudi Arabia and she was sooo talented. I wish I would have gotten a full picture of it but from what you can see it went from my ring finger up to my wrist.

Orange Flame
I am wearing this over Fire Me Up which is a gorgeous orange color from Barielle. Orange Flame has a clear base with large orange hexes. This one is definitely for my orange lovers out there.
As you can see the glitter is plentiful throughout the polish.
 I also experimented with doing a jelly sandwich on my ring finger by layering the Fire Me Up and then putting the Orange Flame on while the base was still wet. Add another light layer of the base then glitter again. Adding the topcoat right on top and kind of swirling it all together sandwiches all those gooey layers together to create a depth that looks awesome. You can see it looks slightly different than the rest of the nails. I may try this again with all of these colors because it looks awesome!!

I put this fun glitter over Gondola Ride. This glitter is packed with a bunch of pastel colored hexes. There is a peach, white, black, fuchsia, teal, light blue, light pink and pastel yellow.
This glitter, for some reason, was a little trickier to apply. I think it may have been user error because all of the formula seemed the same. There was sooo much glitter and I think I wanted ALL of the colors to show so I was being greedy.
I would love to see this glitter over sooo many different colors and give it another try. This is too fun not to.
Overall, I love this glitter. It is super fun and can be used so many different ways. It would be a fun party or birthday glitter.

Princess Pink
I am wearing this gorgeous polish of Berry Posh. This polish has large and small pink glitter scattered through out a clear base. I loved this combo so much that I kept it on when I went out for a birthday party.
This polish is super packed with a ton a glitter and a nice dab and spread will do just fine for coverage.
How about the name? Princess Pink. How perfect is that for all of us princesses out there?
The glitz packed in this bottle is gorgeous and I think this would pair awesomely over a black. Like super sexy, style!!

I am wearing this awesome color over Moda Bleu. This color is soooo close to indie it's not even funny! What do you think?
This glitter has large holo hexes, small fuchsia circles and holo microglitter scattered throughout in a clear base.
I put this over the Moda Bleu which is a deep dark blue/purple and I think it creates a majestic almost celestial look. I love the way this color combo came out. 
This glitter spread and applied sooo easily. There was a full brush of glitters on each stroke. I didn't need to dab with this one either. Again, this one was sooo close to indie it's not even funny!!

Mermaid's Fin
Lastly, I have this color over Designer Shoe. Mermaid's Fin is also super close to this indie feel.
This is a clear base with teal large hexes and an iridescent microglitter spread throughout.
I love this glitter. This is so delicate and would look great over so many colors. The glitter spread so nicely and I didn't have to fish to get the hexes out.

Overall, I loved this collection! I think Barielle hit it out of the park with these glitters. I didn't have to fish for the glitters. I did have to dab and spread with Confetti, Orange Flame and Princess Pink but that is somewhat normal for all packed glitter bombs.

You can pick these up here for only $8.00 each. 

 What do you think of these glitters? Which one is your favorite?


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