Alpha Mani does L with Lynnderella


This weeks letter is the letter L and the group picked Lynnderella to represent the letter L. I won this as a prize and it is actually the ONLY Lynn I own.
I am just not that big of a Lynn fan and I am not sure why. I never got into the brand and my wallet is probably thanking me a million times over. Every polish I have every seen from this brand has been absolutely gorgeous! 
 This was super hard to get a close up shot of because it is sooo packed with glitter, but it is super pretty. It is a royal purple base which I always forget that I don't need an undie for this but I continue to put one on. I won this in a giveaway from Oh Three Oh Four and her swatches look 97 times better than mine but I love it!
lynnderlla, alpha mani, indie polish
Do you own any Lynnderella polishes?  What do you think of this one? Do you love it?
 lynnderlla, alpha mani, indie polish


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