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So, my first post was about THE DRESS and this one is another fun but kind of serious post. I am such a brand girl when it comes to certain brands. When it comes to clothing and shoes, I like what fits and what is comfortable for the most part and I am not too picky about brands. Now, don't get me wrong. I looove a great designer piece and will never pass it up but I am not too picky about only wearing them.
I will say that I cannot do blatant fakes.  Now, if you buy a fake knowing it is fake that is one thing but if you intend to buy a luxury designer brand and get a fake that is what I cannot do. There are sooo many fakes out there. From makeup to handbags to nail stickers it is important to know your brands if you are trying to buy a good knockoff.
This is especially true when you are buying makeup. You may end up with a product that may be made with products that could harm your skin. So be careful!!  These nail stickers cracked me up because they reminded me up my first knock off coach I bought in New York. Woah, it was baaaaddd!! Anyway, as I step off my little soapbox you can enjoy my knockoff nails!
Colors Used:
Rica- Whiteout


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