Red Coat Tuesday Count Down to the A Reveal

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So, we are winding down this season and I am kind of happy about this. This season has been kind of a drag. There has not been that much happening. Well, at least not until these last couple of episodes. Next season, I am going to wait until the last like 4 episodes and then start watching. lol. 
From last week:
Ali is offered a plea bargain but she doesn't want it because she insists that she didn't kill Mona- Ahem MONA ISN'T DEAD!! But wait, they don't want her to cop to it by herself, they want her accomplice. Apparently, they are building a case against them. Do you think Hannah will look good in orange??
So they yet again try to solve this by themselves- dumb!! First, they try to get to Cyrus and find out who Varjac is but Cyrus had a little setback. A??
Spencer in London is just weird. Her and Melissa are too buddy-buddy for me so I think that will be a problem. It always is!
Ezra is helping out and met with Mona's lawyer. They found out some interesting information and will be finding out more, I am sure.  Mona POSSIBLY knows Varjac!!
Questions I have:
When are we going to find out that Mona is alive and she is A??
I think Mike knows more then he is letting Aria know and it's going to break her heart- not a question, more of a statement.
What is Ezra going to pull out of this now that he is helping the liars again?
 What else is Mona's lawyer hiding?
Who is Varjac? Is that short for Mona and Mike?
Colors Used:
Clubbing Girl- Club Gold Digger
Funky Fingers- Red
Loose Red Glitter

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