Hand Chemistry for my Nail Bloggers from Gloss48

**Product Review from Gloss48**

 Gloss48 says:
We know you've seen your fair share of hand creams, and trust us: so have we. But quit yawning; this one is different. This one promises to take 10 years off your hands in just 10 days, by targeting 8 signs of anti-aging with 6 proven technologies. We thought those numbers were too good to be true, but then we tried the products. Sure enough, we've uncovered some serious gems here. Our hands and feet are softer, smoother, and younger-looking. Now if only the weather would allow us to show them off!
 I have been trying this product for several weeks now and I cannot live without it. It has made my hands smoother, my skin tighter and my cuticles feeling better. This is such a great product. I love the smell and I love the ingredients.
 There are 8 different ingredients in here that all work together to make your skin look younger. So, you can see that us nail bloggers may want something like this in our lives!! The smell is awesome, did I mention that?? 
As you can see, all of those great ingredients are listed in the picture below. and the breakdown of exactly how each one works with your skin in making it look and feel younger is described, as well.

Overall, I noticed a slight difference. I think the cream has been working overtime with all of the dry weather we have been having so I can't wait to see what it can really do once the spring comes around and moisture is back in the air.
If you are interested in purchasing this, you can do so here on the Gloss48 website. It is available for 3 more days and only $20 for a 100mL tube.


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