Borghese Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss

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Today, I have some really fun lip glosses to show you from Borghese. They are from the Eclipse ColorGlass Collection. They offer ultra shine a rich pigment in each color. These are available in 9 shimmery shades and retail for $21.50 each.


This shade is a light shimmery iridescent nude that, for me, went on very close to my natural lip color. It added ultra gloss and shine. As you can see below, it was super shiny. This would look amazing layered over your daylight color to spruce it up for nighttime look.

Borghese Brightside ColorGlass Lip Gloss


This is like an iridescent golden brown color; very close to a dark champagne. It has a distinct shimmer in it, but applies pretty nude. I really wish there was more pigment in this color. It would be gorgeous by itself. This, by itself, creates a sort of icy look.

Borghese Spark ColorGlass Lip Gloss

This is a deep red with a slight gold shimmer. For me, this applied a little thicker than I would like. I also kind of wish there was a little more pigment in this color because I loooove the color in the tube.I mean hey, Marsala is the 2015 color of the year after all! Topping this over another darker color would really make it pop. So, I may give that a try.

Borghese Darkling ColorGlass Lip Gloss

Overall, the staying power is about 2 hours so make sure you pack your tube with you if your out on the town. The glosses are also little sticky, so make sure you are applying they properly. I usually use glosses just to highlight what I am already wearing. I like to apply the gloss only right in the middle of my bottom lip and on the bow at the top. Just to highlight the sassy parts of my lips. *Bling*

Have you tried any of the Borghese ColorGlass Lip Glosses? What are your thoughts? What do you think of these colors?


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