Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya

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Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya 
 Last week was crazy. I think we needed it. Personally, I was starting to get a little frustrated because I had sooo many questions and I was not getting many answers. First, I want to talk about my little nail design. I nubbed my nails because, as you can see, I had a really bad break. So by the time you come back next week, I will be back to normal! I did a some blood drops with my Zoya Pixie Dust in Noir and I did it over a water decal that had a love note written on it. I did this because I feel like that's what we are going to. The liars are all leaning to death to their relationships. They are all coming to a crashing end.
Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya, Episode 18 season 5 recap
 So,what did we miss last week? **WARNING SPOILERS**

The liars find out that Holbrook got suspended. OR did he really?? Well, who knows what that crazy man is doing. Only him AND maybe A?!?! See below for my questions... Anyway, he's back.

Then Lesli comes into the picture. Who's Lesli. Well she is Mona's old buddy. We just can't let Mona go, can we? Since Hannah's trial is coming up, of course someone from Mona's past pops up! Lesli also tells the liars some key details. I think she was sent there by A to drive some wedges between the Liars, but that's just my opinion. She also specifically says that Mona was last heard with Mike; new to them!

Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya, Episode 18 season 5 recap
Mike, oh Mike. We also find out that he went to visit Allison. Why? Well Aria went to snoop and found out the Mike was leaving something for someone and then basically threatened Aria to leave him alone and "be careful in the woods by herself". Hmmmm Mikey, what are you into??

Holbrook is "ticked" about his suspension so he takes it out on the girls when he pulls over Hannah. Well Hannah isn't putting up with his BS anymore. She took a stand and told him off. How do you think he took that?? Yeah, not so well.

Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya, Episode 18 season 5 recap
 What I want to know:How to Talia and that Johnny guy know each other?
Is Holbrook still trying to pull our leg? I still think he's a shadeball and he's up to something bad. I don't believe the story about suspension, but I am sure we will find out more later on in the season.
Am I still on about the Twinny theory?? Is the twin in the barrel since Allisons blood is on the outside?
What the heck is Lesli really doing there? Where did she come from and who really sent her?
Where did Johnny come from and why would the Hastings (who should be careful about everything right about now) let him stay in their barn??
What about the tape of Bethany?
What did Mike go see Allison, two TIMES??

Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya, Episode 18 season 5 recap
Colors Used:
Zoya- Noir
Love Letter Water Decal
Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya, Episode 18 season 5 recap


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