Red Coat Tuesday using Cirque and China Glaze

Well o' well... here we are!! Soooo many questions, yet again. I must say that this is around the time that I pray to the writers that they drop a bomb. They need to spice some things up here because I am getting a little bored here!! The girls are getting in the same kinds of trouble and it's really making me yawn!!
 The good news is, to make you stay away, starting NEXT TUESDAY myself and a couple other bloggers will be hosting a PLL Red Coat Tuesday Giveaway. It will run until the end of the season. So, if the writers won't spice it up, we will!!
  • Ok from last week, we saw that Mike Montgomery is HOT!! Where did that body come from? Ok, for real? lol- I had to throw that out there. I mean he was shirtless basically the entire episodes. Anyway, Mike is being a little skeeze ball. In the opening scene you see him sneaking into the blood drive to steal the girls blood and then later he is taking out a crap load of money from an ATM that we later find out from an account that has $18,000 in it! WHAT?!? Is that part of the #AGame? Then we see him handing the money over to Cyrus, the fake kidnapper. Like that in the F is going on?
  • Then we have Andrew. Always stepping in to save the day. He does it again in this episode. Hmm that sounds sketchy to me, too. Too good to be true. 
  • Also, poor Hannah- again! She got the boot from Daddy. She found out that she will have to pay for college on her own. ME TOO! I'm still in the hold $100,000. Welcome to the real world HAN! Anyway, she got a reality check that she may have to dance around in a hot dog costume to pay for college. 
  • Emily gets her heart broken because she finds out her new steamy girlfriends actually has a husband.... ERRRP slam on the brakes- THE LESBIAN HAS A HUSBAND!! Yeah, what's that all about? Is she telling the truth to poor Em?
 Last weeks episode was kind of weak, but I think they are building up to something messed up. Well, I am hoping they are building for that mind  building f'd up mess. I need that or else I am going to be Pretty Little MAD!!
What I need to find out for this week:
What the freak is Hannah going to do in that pageant.?
What is Mike really into? Where did that money come from?
Is Andrew a cop or from the FBI?
Will we hear from Ali this episode? 
Colors Used:
China Glaze- Cranberry Splash
Cirque- Vectors
Cirque- Arcane Fire


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