Grape Soda by Liquid Lacquer from the Untrieds Pile

**Bought It**
Grape Sode by Liquid Lacquer, Untrieds
Today, I have a polish that has been sitting in my untireds for quite sometime. Liquid Lacquer was a maker that has been out of business for a loooong time so that tells you how long this has been sitting.
Grape Sode by Liquid Lacquer, Untrieds
I bought this right before she disappeared from the face of the polish earth. She literally just and left open orders and all of her fans. It was quite disappointing for a lot of her followers. It was also a big controversy because a lot of her polishes started to quickly fade and bleed shortly after.
Grape Sode by Liquid Lacquer, Untrieds
I like this polish and so far it has not bled. Although I think that it does not look like any of the other polish bottles of this colors out there. It definitely has faded. I have 3 coats on here and all the other pictures I see of this on other bloggers, it looks waaay darker. 
Grape Sode by Liquid Lacquer, Untrieds
Overall, this is probably the first and last time I will ever wear this polish. I bought it because of the way it looked on her etsy pictures and I am suuuper disappointed about the way it looks on me. I know that I will never get reimbursed for that, but oh well. Lesson learned.


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