Firmoo Sassy Glasses Review

**Product Review**
I was given a really fun opportunity to review this great pair of glasses from I was in the market for a new pair of glasses since my next eye doctors appointment isn't for another couple months and I was looking for an upgrade. I love plastic rimmed glasses and This was the perfect place to find the style I wanted.

Also, really quick (just in case you want to know). I am wearing Noyah Cosmetics in Deeply in Love on my lips with Forever 21 Lip Gloss.
The overall experience was really easy. I have prescription glasses, so I just had to call my eye doctor and get my prescription. They tell you exactly what numbers you need to ask for. It was fairly easy to search for what I needed. I picked the options I wanted in my glasses and I got a fairly large list returned. If you like the ones that I picked, you can pick them up here.

I also found out that you get free shipping on orders over $39. That's pretty awesome!! They took a little while to get to me and that's because they are coming from out of the country AND because I got a prescription with mine. They tell you from the get go that if you starting getting add-ons it will take a little longer to process.
Once I received them, I was happy with them. They fit well, my prescription was correct and they were the correct item. They came with a hard case, cloth and a little mini-screwdriver. I really love these glasses. I think they are stylish, a great bargain and they were really easy to order. The only issue I have is that the lenses are really difficult to clean. They get dirty really easily and when I go to clean them, the debris just smears.

Don't forget about their FIRST PAIR FREE program!! You can sign up and get your first pair free. Be sure to check out their selection!


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