Is This Online Service For You?

**All opinions are my own. Service was given for editorial consideration.**

I was approached to try a new service,, for free to see how it works. I was kind of excited because I am all about saving time and money these days. Especially with all the new added stress of my job. 
So, what does this service provide and how does it work? Well, it's quite simple. You create an account, fill out a couple questions about your history, current conditions and what you hope to get out of your treatment. You upload pictures of your condition and then you wait for a diagnosis and treatment plan. It's actually quite awesome.
The cost of your visit without insurance is only $59. This includes a virtual visit, diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plan and access to your dermatologist for up to 30 days for follow up questions. You can also have prescriptions sent to your pharmacy. For me, this is soooo worth the $59 if you don't have insurance.
My personal experience was awesome. I have been having major issues with my skin. It's been freaking and geeking so, so bad because of all the stress I have had in my life. I have had breakouts and bags and lines and just all around bad stuff going on. My main complaint is, I am a BEAUTY BLOGGER. I can't have a cruddy face and try to show off makeup. I just feel uncomfortable with with adult acne and I need help controlling and getting rid of it.
 I was offered a quick, professional, complete and easy to follow treatment plan. It was written and confirmed by local dermatologists. I like this because if I feel like I need to actually go see someone, I can easily look up the person who did my online consultation and go physically see them.
The consultation was literally completed in less than 48 hours.The report that I was given was easy to read, very empathetic, and very informative. I learned what my issue was, how to treat it and what kind of medications I need for it. I was also given prescriptions that were sent right to my pharmacy to be picked up.
Overall, I looooved this service. I am such a people person, especially with doctors. I am a face reader. I like to be able to look someone in their eyes and have the service provider take accountability for their service. I feel that when I am having someone treat my body, they need to know how I feel and the best way to do that is a face to face consultation. Well, I should say that I DID feel that way. After this experience, I don't think that I will go back to the dermatologist unless it is necessary. This was quick, easy and sooooo convenient. I have 2 kids, I am a busy blogger and work full time so this was a perfect service for me.

The great people at also gave me this promo code to share with you. You can use it on your visit for a nice discount.
In addition, you know how much I love to support my local activities, shops and business owners. Well, this is one of them. So... GO PITTSBURGH. Great job with such a great service!!
Don't forget, if you have any other questions, take a look around their site and shoot any questions you may have their CS and they will be happy to answer any you may have.



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