Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review

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Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review 

This palette contains 5 pans of color that is a true collection of variety. You get some mattes, pearly shimmers and even a glimmery gold metallic. This brown basic palette can be picked up here for only $29.00
I found each of these to be of high quality shadow. They were easy to apply and had a great, rich staying power. I can see myself using this palette everyday for work and then spicing it up for a happy hour or for an after work event by adding Torch for that added sparkle!
Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review
Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review

This palette also comes with 5 colors ranging with from matter to iridescent pearly shimmer to glimmery metallic. This is a black based palette and I love this for a night on the town! If you love this palette as much as I did, you can pick it up here for only $29.00
These colors where very sophisticated and applied just the same. I love this palette for a night out because Lit and Scorch both have the shimmery effect that really brings out that sassy look. Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review

Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner ReviewI am always looking for the perfect eyeliner and I am fan of the liquid liner. Borghese says that their liner doesn't budge, smudge, flake or fade. If you want in on this liner, you can buy it here for only $19.00.
I must say, that I really like this liner. I swatched this on the back of my hand which is suuuuper porous. When I lined my eye with it, I was a little nervous because I thought it was going to web out like it did here. Well, I did not have that experience. It lined really well. As, you can see in my full face look below. I pulled the liner really close to my eye, so it was super precise, too.
 Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review

Borghese Palettes and Eyeliner Review

What do you think of these palettes? Have you tried this brand? What do you think of this full face look?
If you love these, stay tuned for some fantastic lippy glosses that I have coming up!


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