Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers 2015 Valentine's Day Nails


Today I am showing off probably one of my oldest indies I own. These are my oldest BEGLs in my collection. I won these in one of the first BEGL giveaways there were. Before there was a BEGL shop and before she was such a big success.
 I am a huge fan of BEGL polishes and Julie.  I know I say the same thing every time I have one of her polishes on here, but she truly is an amazing person. She has such a great product and really is great person. There is a reason why her polish is so popular.
 I believe when a maker treats her customers well, it reflects well on her product. You get great feedback and in turn make a better product. I have so many BEGLs and I will continue to be a customer for life.

Although, I must admit I have not been buying that many polishes lately. It's kind of sad. There are so many that I want, but I just dont have time. I know, sad excuse since it doesn't take that much time to just click and buy. I like to do my research, so for me it's a little more than that. Plus I have to make sure I'm not duping!! Haha, that's happened more than once for me.

 Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to those of you that celebrate! I have a big Valentine's Day Ball for work. What are you up to today? Do you have special plans?

Colors Used:
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers- Easy To Love
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers- Rescue Me
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers- Deepest Inquisitions

Don't forget, you can find all your BEGL needs at any of the places below. Tell her ColorMeSoCrazy sent you!!



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