Barielle Line 90 Second Wrinkle and Line Eraser

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So in case you didn't know, Barielle, yes one of my favorite nail polish and nail care lines is now dabbling in the world of skin care. I was sooo excited when they contacted me to help them open their lines with one of the first with their Line Eraser. You all know how obsessed I am with all of my anti-aging products.
For only $30.00, you can get this 10mL product that calls for visible results in just 90 seconds. So, what do I think? Yup, I like this product. It goes on smooth, it has a cool feeling, there is NO wonky smells. It does smooth out the lines nicely and I actually wore it underneath my makeup like a primer.
The only things I did not like about this is I wish there was more information about the product. On all of the packaging it shows the product being white, but when I actually used the product and as you can see in my pictures, it is actually a skin color. I was actually super happy that it was skin colored because it made it easier to blend but I was not expecting it to by when it first pumped out. Since it's tinted, I would never think of using it before bed or on it's own which it why I used it as a primer. The directions do not say when to use it. I wish that there would be a suggested "when to use" part on the instructional booklet. Like most creams say, "Use before nightly routine or use after cleansing face". I was just confused on when/ how to use it. 
I didn't have any issues with my sensitive skin and I used this product for a little over 4 weeks. I didn't have any unusual breakouts and I did actually see an improvement in my dry areas. This is good for me because I have whacky skin normally, but in the winter it's even worse. 
How to apply:
1) Put it directly on the problem wrinkles on the face. I used it on my laugh lines, my forehead and on the outer corner of my eyes.
2) You want to pump it out and then kind of drag it along the wrinkle line.
3) I used my clean finger to smooth and dab until the product is absorbed into the skin.
The best way that I can show the immediate results is in the above pictures. The one of the left is the under part of my wrist and it shows before. It is pretty wrinkly. The picture on the right is once the Barielle Line Eraser is applied and rubbed in. You can see that where I rubbed it in, the area is significantly smoother. 

This is a really great product and I recommend it. I cannot wait to see what Barielle comes up with next from their skin care line. I want to see more from them!!

If  you are interested in buying this product, you can check out the site here. Don't forget to follow Barielle on all their sites below:



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