52 Week Challenge Presents Purple Hearts

**Nothing to Disclose**

This weeks prompts told us to use purple and do some hearts. I am sooo not a Valentine's Day person and I am not sure why, but this is about as close as we are getting to Valentine's Day. I did a huuuuge Lovey Dovey series last year and I loved it because I showed you guys sooo many great products and I did a great giveaway, but this year I kept it small. I'm not one of those love haters, but I just don't care for the holiday. My family does celebrate with a fun little cooking day and we give each other little tokens of love, but that's about it. Nothing big and I'm ok with that. 
For this design, I did a bunch of stamping hearts with a couple different plates. I used three different shades of purple which I think all go really well together.
Once I put all the stamping together, I matted it all together. I love throwing a matte coat on just about anything and I think it goes really well with this design. What do you think?
What do you do for Valentine's Day? Do you go all out or keep it low key?
Colors Used:
OPI- Funky Donkey
Sinful Colors- Amethyst
Funky Fingers-Sugar Plum Fairy


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