Voloom Volumizing Iron Review

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For the last couple years, I have been searching for the perfect hair spray, cream, powder that would give me that umpf that I used to have in my hair. I have naturally thick hair and I used to have so much volume. That is before I had two kids. 
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Two kids later my thick hair gets so limp so quickly. I was so exited when I was given an actual tool to try instead of product. VOLOOM was so easy to use and so quick! This was like a dream come true. No more teasing and no more harmful hair product. 
Voloom, hair tools, hair volume, voloom discount, ifaboo
Left is with VOLOOM and right is without!
The tool heat up to the temperature I used really quickly. You all know how important this is to me in the morning when I am trying to rush around to get ready. I actually used this the same way I would to tease up my back bump. I sectioned off the hair on the crown of my hair with the clips provided. I just used it on the underneath layers with the hair closest to my scalp and a couple inches down. You clamp, release, move it down, and repeat.
Voloom, hair tools, hair volume, voloom discount, ifaboo
The more layers you do, the more volume you get. I didn't do too many for my every day look because I didn't want to look like a mushroom head but for these pictures, I did extreme volume so you could see. WOWZAS!! The volume actually lasted quite a while which is what I need since I do not wash my hair on a daily basis.
Voloom, hair tools, hair volume, voloom discount, ifaboo
On the left is with my NEW VOLOOM and on the right is before... sooo lifeless :(

Some things I learned from VOLOOM:
- using this on 2nd or 3rd day hair worked the best
- 350 degrees worked the best for me
- dry shampoo the night before for a pair with VOLOOM
-clean your VOLOOM tool with only a warm water washcloth.
- VOLOOM answers questions on their FB Page!! Great CS!!

You can get this whole kit for $129.99 with a 30- risk free trial. If you order now, you get a travel bag, 3 grip clips and a sectioning brush which I just love.

I am going to reuse this for an updo in mid-February because the company says this tool is THE BEST for updos. I wanted to wait until then to push this review out, but I couldn't wait that long. So, hopefully VOLOOM will let me do a part II with an updo.

Check VOLOOM out here:
Website to BUY!!

**All opinions are my own. Product was given for editorial consideration.


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