Red Coat Tuesday

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 Ok, ok... This season has been sooo cray and I have been loving it so hard. The PLL girls have been going so hard on finding what is going on and I thought it was because they were leaving for college... BUT I found out that the show just got extended for another 3, yes THREE, seasons. So, of course there will be more drama to follow.
Last week wrap up:
So, they find what could potentially be  the murder weapon. Well, Toby stumbles upon it, freaks out, leaves it and then Spencer and Caleb decide to burn it in the kiln. Of course, A tries to trap Caleb in the kiln. Spencer saves him.

Emily tries to make food for Ezras event and fails. I am still not sure why this part was included in the storyline, but I am sure we will find out eventually.

Speaking of failing, Aria failed to get into a school that she should have been a shoe in. When she finds out that it was because Ezras ex is the admissions officer, she tailors her letter (spiteful letter) to the ex. Of course she regrets it a bit too late, has to run to the actual campus to try to talk her crazy way out of it and then in turn some how ends up getting in. Guess what?? A knows!!

Poor little ding dong Hannah decides to go out by herself. Duh Hannah, you are too much of a ding to go out by yourself!! She travels to go find Holbrook and guess who she doesn't find? Yes, he's missing. Ever since Ali went away, so did Holbrook.

What I NEED to know:
Did the knife really get destroyed and was that really THE knife??
Is Ali really so much of a pawn as she says she is? Does she know more than she leads on to know?
Where the heck is Holbrook? (hastag that ABC Family!!) AND how does his dad know about Ali?
Is A following Hannah or is A watching the Holbrooks OR is there an A for every PLL lady??
Is Aria going to fess up to Ezra about the letter?
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Zoya- Posh
Zoya- Owsin
JustRica- Blackout
Mayeblline- Bold Gold


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