Happy 2015 Giveaway and Thank You!

Happy 2015 Everyone!! I just wanted to say thanks and kick off the New Year with a NEW GOALS GIVEAWAY!!

I have a couple goals that I am going to put out there in print so that I have to stick to them. I put goals out there last year and I stuck to them. I worked so hard to really get my name out there and grow this little blog. I have been blogging for over 3 years now, but only this year did I really branch out. I have dabbled so much more in the beauty world and I love it.

I have met so many brilliant ladies in the beauty world and so many ladies that have helped me realize that I am good. I am worth it. I am Color Me So Crazy. My work is talent and deserves to be praised as such. At the same time, I cannot take this for granted. I cannot let myself get caught up in how my nails are not as long as the next blogger or not as perfect. You know why? THAT'S NOT ME! I have MED-NUBS and I'm happy with them. Sometimes I have an uneven dot or my stamping smudged. At least you guys know I am still a human. I am not a robot. I am a mom. I work a full time job. I cook dinner every night (well unless I am super duper lazy and then we get pizza or burritos). I do laundry. I bring my daughter to ballet and my son to football and baseball. That is what I am most proud about. I kill it at life and I manage to post every day and kill it!

I got a new job in March and it took so much push for me to keep this blog going at full strength. There were soooo many late nights where I just didn't want to do a post because I was tired. There was almost a time where blogging was not fun. I really have to thank my PR ladies and my ladies in my ECOPOLO, Beauty Blog Coalition, Beauty Blogazons, and so many more groups that made me realize this has to be fun. If I am not having fun anymore, neither are you.

So, thank you! Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for continuing to like my art. Thank you for continuing to comment and share. I could not have done it without you!

So, my goals:

Keep it fun
Do not compare
Purchase a REAL domain
Branch out in the beauty world some more- experiment
Maybe a little fashion?
More International interaction!!

This giveaway ends on 1/20 at midnight eastern time. It is open to US peeps only. Sorry to my International Ladies.... See that little thing above this. I will give you more love this year! See the Ts and Cs in the copter for the full rules! Enjoy!

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