Black Dahlia Lacquer: Gloss48 Exclusive Swatches and Review

**Press Sample**

Today, I have 3 really bright and sparkly colors from Black Dahlia Lacquer. I have never used this brand before, so I was super excited when Gloss48 asked me to check them out for you. Black Dahlia is a pretty new brand, so I am excited to see what they can come up with.

You can find these on Gloss48 only until 1/6, so make sure you get them while they are still there!! 

Blooming Sunflowers
This is a coral color with gold flecks. This was a smooth 2 coat application. I just loved the way this looked with the gold flecks shining from beneath. I really wish I could get some sunshine to see what this beauty could really do. I mean, what a BEAUTIFUL color!!! Exclusively from Gloss48 for only $9.00

Navy Stargazer
This is gorgeous scattered navy blue holo. I have 2 coats with not undie. I really like this color although I do kind of wish that I put an undie on. I would have liked to see what a nave blue would have looked under this beauty. Exclusively from Gloss48 for only $9.00

 Green Goddess
This is a light to forest green linear holo with scattered micro glitter. I really liked this color even though I am not a huge green fan. This was actually a green shade that went really well with my pale skin tone. I enjoyed wearing this and enjoyed it even more in the sun. I was lucky enough to be still wearing this for the little peep of sun we got. Trust me, you need to be wearing this in the sun too!!

 Overall, I really liked Black Dahlia Lacquer. I was impressed with the formula, the wear, the color and the overall product. I would absolutely give their product another try. I am kind of excited to see what they will have coming in their future product line?

You, however should RUN, not walk to Gloss48 and grab these while they are on sale for $9.00. They are normally $11.00 and Gloss48 is offering that price for ONLY 5 MORE DAYS!!

What do you think of these shades from Black Dahlia Lacquer? Have you ever heard of this brand? What do you think? Have you ever shopped at Gloss48? What have you bought? What do you think?


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