The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents DOTS!!

*Nothing to Disclose*

This week, I have a fun overlapping dot pattern to share with you. I decided to pull all the dots towards the top of that nail in a sort of french tip jumbled design.
I also used a darker green in this design and pulled out the brighter red with the gold and white. I really like the color combination with this. The darker green is a great contrast to the lighter, brighter red.
What do you think of the overlapping dots? Do you prefer a darker green or a lighter green? I am kind of in love with this design. I was going to do this for my second design, but I decided to go waaaay off the Holiday radar with the Illamsqua and Rhinestone design.
Colors Used:
Bonita- Oh La La
Maybelline- Bold Gold
JustRica- WhiteOut
American Apparel- Hunter


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