Merry Christmas- Santa Came and Look What He Gave Me!!!

**Press Sample**

I guess I am just rocking the bling this Holiday season! Since my beloved Pixies have been loving me this year, I want to love them back by having them help me with my Christmas Day mani. I wanted to go with something strong since I was ripping open presents!!
So... What did I get? You will have to stay tuned on my IG to see. I did ask Santa for a purse, wallet, boots, clothing and OF COURSE beauty products. I asked for a bunch of Benefit products as well as some new makeup brushes and Miss Dior perfume.
For this design, I used 3 Zoya polishes.2 Pixie Dusts and 1 regular polish that could almost double as a pixie except there is no texture. I used some cutouts of different shapes of decals to create the different skittle looks with the color blocking.
So, I wish everyone that celebrates a very Merry and joyous Christmas! I hope Santa was good to everyone and that everyone can enjoy a fantastic day with their families. I know my day will be crazy, but I will enjoy being at home with my kids and playing with all of their and MY new toys!!
Colors Used:
Zoya- Arianna
Zoya- Stassi
Zoya- Bar


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