DIY Multichrome Flakies- Is it Possible?

**Bought It**Winnings**

So, I tried to re-create the newest, hottest thing out there right now. The color shifting flakies. I thought that if I did opalescent, clear flakie on top of a multichrome base, it would have the same effect as a multicrhome flakie on top of a black base- WRONG!
Well, I guess I need to go back to the drawing table. I do own a couple more flakies and I am insistent on winning this one. I have about two more ideas at this point to see if I can win at this recreation. 
Don't get me wrong, I desperately need the real thing just because I think it is super cool. I just need to decide which brand I need. By this point, I have flakies from the first time they were cool, so I am on the search for something I don't have.
ILNP Multichrome Flakies are something I definitely need to have and this is what I am trying to recreate by a DIY procedure and failing. 
Are you into the multichrome flakies? Which ones do you want? Is there a brand that calls to you the most?


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