52 Week Challenge presents Crinkly Tape and Glitter Topper

**Press Sample**

I was so excited for this weeks challenge until I went to actually do it. I walked into my nail room and pulled out my box of nail art supplies and dug. I dug and dug and dug and found nothing that was crinkle tape.
So, I had to get creative. What does crinkle mean to me. To me, it is what I do to my nose when I see something that I am confused about or a smell I don't like.I crinkle it. So, I cut my holo decal in a crinkle shape. Hey, I am getting waaaaaay creative here- walk with me.
I made a crinkle shaped holo decal and then topped my black polish with a really great polish from ellagee called Festival of Lights. I love this polish because there are bar glitters, hexes, squares and micros in all shades of blues and silvers. I just love it.
Colors Used
WetnWild- Ebony Hates Chris
ellagee- Festival of Lights
YouPolish- Decals


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