Zoya Wishes 2014 Holiday Collection

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They are here!! The 2014 Zoya Wishes Holiday Collection. There are 3 PixieDust polishes and 3 other polishes with a combination of metal and creme finish. I am so excited to share these with you because PixieDust has a regular finish partner you can use alone or as a perfect undie. This makes the perfect combination for the ACCENT NAIL!! Stay tuned, I will show you an example later this week on Instagram!

So these pixies are not like your usual pixies as they are missing their rugged, rough and matte finish.  I kind of felt pretty neutral about this. It was different and I liked it at the same time. With that being said, here is the PixieDust side of the Wishes Collection.

Imogen is a black crystal PixieDust with holographic hex glitter. I love the darkness of this polish. It looks so spacelike and just blings like no other.

Thea is described as a "deep amethyst with an orchid flash". This has a jelly finish which I absolutely love!! It creates such a deep look. I used 2 coats with this look.

This is described as a, "sapphire blue magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter". I loved this Pixie.

Next, I have the rest of the Wishes 2014 Collection which is comprised of metallics and a creme. These make great undies for the PixieDusts and in combination with the PixieDusts, they make a great combination for accent nails. 

Willa is described as a full- coverage, densely pigmented onyx black creme. I love this color. Is is such a sexy black color. It is not a sharp cut black, but really is a soft laying black color.


Zoya describes Haven as a , "true holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid to ensure brilliance". I think this leans less on the metallics side, but it is a great balance. I really like this color a lot and I think it would make a great year-round color.

The last color I have is described as a blue velvet metallic with a smooth application. This is reminds me of a sort of cornflower blue color and I think it's perfect for winter.

Overall, I love this collection. It has a great combination of textures, finishes and colors and makes for a perfect mix to get me through the long winter months. I think Zoya hit a true home run with this one and I cannot wait to see what they have coming out next!!

You can get this entire sampler on the Zoya.com website for $57 on pre-order now!


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