Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Combo

*Bought It*
I have a really fun combination to show you today. These are two great polishes from Blue- Eyed Girl Lacquer. I have decided to go through my untrieds box as a palette cleanser before we get into the full holiday season for you guys. I want to give you a nice variety of colors and shades and art before we go for almost a straight month of reds, greens, golds and glitters!
I am using one color from the Far from the Sun Collection and one that is a group special for one of my FAVORITE nail polish groups. It is called EcoPolo 2014. The group is a VERY tight group of girls that I can honestly say I am super honored to be a part of. We have shared tears, laughs, births, weddings, deaths and just about everything in between. We are truly one giant family and this is just one of the couple group customs we have. I think it is awesome!!
I picked this combination because it has been getting colder and colder out and I wanted something that was still a little fresh and summery. I am so not ready to let go of summer. I don't know why in the heck, I decided to stay in PA after I got married. I should have listened to my instincts and moved to the south. My poor body is not meant to be cold.
Anyway, I hope you love this combination as much as I do. I love both of these colors together and I can't want to put the rest of the Far from the Sun Collection on my nails.

Colors Used:
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- Ocean Breaks
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- EcoPolo 2014


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