52 Week Challenge with Brush Strokes from My Favorite Brand

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This week my challenge was to do a brush stroke design with my favorite brand. Well I am doing my design away from home so I decided to add a little twist to this. With that being said, I am blogging from across the state so I don't have my usual set up. You get to have snow as the background! What I decided to do for this was to take the brush from my favorite polish brand and lightly brush it across the nail. I use this technique for the distressed look that I do often but with multiple colors. I used colors from Barielle and Sinful Colors becuase they are both really great brands.
Barielle always, always has great sales going on and has such great colors. The quality of the polish is fantastic. For only $8.00 a bottle, great nail care products and options to do 5 packs how can this not be a great brand. I have never had a bad experience with them!
The next colors I used was Boom Boom from Sinful Colors. I love, love Sinful Colors. for $1.99 you can pick up a variety of colors and sometimes even get them for only $.99. The best part about these are the colors are great. If I forget to pick a holiday color such as a bright green for Christmas or an orange for Halloween, I can swing by a drug store and pick them up really quick. How can you not love that!
This is why I had to choose these two brand becuase they are both awesome! Anyway, until next time when we are featuring something that actually matches, but it is a prompt that I have never done before so stay tuned!!
Colors Used:
Barielle- Delicate Dancer
Sinful Colors- Boom Boom


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