52 Week Challenge- Wild Animals using Yellow

Whew, I made it back!! After a couple weeks of missing this challenge, I think I am back on track. These last couple weeks have been crazy at home and crazy at work so that just throws off my whole blogging life. While some of my posts are already set out, these are always "live" so sometimes, when my life goes a little wobbly I miss them.
Anyway, I am sure like many others this week, I did yellow zebra stripes to represent my yellow wild animal looks. Wow, really creative (sarcastic tone). Come on, give me a break. I am coming back....slowly. Anyway, I think they turned out pretty nicely. The Maybelline stamped really well over the white. Next week, I am hoping to return yet again with a VERY interesting prompt. Stay tuned next Thursday to see what I have next in the 52 Week Challenge saga.

Colors Used:
Maybelline- Fierce n Tangy
JustRica- Whiteout


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