Zoya Geneviev and Yuna with Rhinestones

**Press Sample**
Today's look was an experimental one for a 3D look that I created for a Facebook group. The idea was to use 3D nail art and use a fall theme. Well, I think I accomplished that and maybe went a *little* wild on my middle finger. hehe
I actually used decals from YouPolish to create the subtle looks on the pointer finger and pinky fingers with the Geneviev and Yuna. It's a really simple look, but you can see the stripes and if it was actually sunny out and I was able to get a sun shot, you would have been able to see better.

I then used ALL of those 3D triangles and flowers to go crazy. Maybe a little too crazy on my middle finger. Bling it out was the theme, I guess??
Overall, I really like this design. Sometimes a really wild design is a palette cleanser for me. It seems like that is the opposite of what a palette cleanser should be, but it gets my boring mind cleansed and my creative mind going again!!


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